Learn and Earn Program で出題された問題

Binance:Learn and Earn Program

2021年 8月のキャンペーン「Learn and Earn Program」で出題された問題をまとめてみました。


  • 期間:
    • 2021年 8月 2日 00:00 AM(UTC) から 2021年 8月 15日 23:59 PM(UTC)
  • エントリー:
    • バイナンス流動性スワップ クイズを完了すること。
    • バイナンス流動性スワップで流動性プロバイダになること、または流動性スワップを行うこと。
  • 特典:
    • 流動性スワップ 未経験ユーザー:1,000 BUSD のセービング トライアル ファンド バウチャー
    • 流動性スワップ 経験有ユーザー:800 BUSD のセービング トライアル ファンド バウチャー

バイナンス流動性スワップ クイズ

Q1. “Liquid Swap” is NOT a guaranteed investment, after providing the liquidity, the maximum loss you may be able to bear is

  • A. Never lose.
  • B. Within 10%
  • C. Within 30%
  • D. May exceed 50%

Correct anser: D

Q2. When you provide liquidity, which is incorrect for the following views

  • A. Any token can be added
  • B. Dual tokens can be added
  • C. One single token can be added, the system will convert the token you added into the other token based on the current share composition ratio in the pool. Transaction fees will be incurred during the conversion, and large transactions may also cause higher slippage and loss.

Correct anser: A

Q3. When you add 100BUSD to BUSD/DAI liquidity pool (the current pool ratio is 4:6 / BUSD: DAI), so what tokens will you hold

  • A. 100 BUSD
  • B. 100 DAI
  • C. A share portfolio, including 40BUSD + 60 DAI, and the share portfolio will change in real-time.

Correct anser: C

Q4. When you redeem your tokens back, which is incorrect for the following views

  • A. You can get the same amount of tokens you added.
  • B. You can choose dual tokens to redeem. The system will allocate 2 tokens to your spot account based on your pool shares and share composition.
  • C. You can choose a single token to redeem. The system will trade one token of your share into the other based on the pool share and the share composition ratio. There will be a trading fee during the transaction, and large transactions may cause a higher slippage and thus incurs a loss.

Correct anser: A

Q5. Which of the followings may cause transaction fees

  • A. To trade in [Liquid Swap]–>[Swap]
  • B. On [Liquid Swap]–>[Liquidity], choose one single token to add.
  • C. On [Liquidity Swap]–>[Liquidity], choose one single token to redeem.
  • D. All of the above options.

Correct anser: D